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From countryside to coastline,

Explore Huron County!

Treasured by visitors and locals alike, Huron County boasts over 80 km of scenic shoreline, 15 pristine beaches and hundreds of parks and trails for endless opportunities of recreation and entertainment. Enjoy world-class theatre, captivating music, and enriching museums that reflect the area’s vibrant arts and culture scene. Entice your taste buds and expand your palate with a host of wineries, breweries and restaurants featuring fresh, locally-grown food. We invite you to stay awhile, breathe deeply, walk barefoot on the beach, savour a sunset, and relax. You’ve earned this time, and you couldn’t choose a greater place to spend it!

Gill Garrett
A Role To Play
When the season opens, the surging, creative energy of The Blyth Festival Theatre washes over everyone.
adventure in Huron
Adventure in Huron
Within Huron County's borders are folks who aren’t opposed to a little adventurous living!
behind the bars
Behind The Bars
Step up to the imposing front entrance of the Huron Historic Gaol and look into the gloom.
piping down the sun
Celebrate Sunset
Only in Huron County can you catch a sunset twice.
sculpture in Harbour Park
Discover Goderich
Lined with dozens of restaurants and boutiques the Square is a hub of activity and a great spot to stop for lunch.
Explore on Two Wheels
Experience the great natural features and landscapes that Huron County has to offer on two wheels.
ponies in field
Family Fun
Pack up the car and get ready for these summertime traditions.
fishing boat
Follow That Fish
Fishing crews work year-round and in all kinds of weather conditions enduring the unrelenting heat of the summer sun to the cold burn of November’s winds.
taste of Huron
From The Shores of Lake Huron, Prost!
You can join them for long table and harvest dinners served al fresco in the vineyard in the summer and fall.
celtic roots festival
Goderich Celtic Roots Festival
No matter your cultural heritage during the second weekend in August everyone who comes to Goderich has Celtic Roots.
Huron County Beaches
A day on the beach with family is where memories are made that last a lifetime.
drinking beer
Huron’s Breweries & Wineries
So, you want to know more about beer... Well, pour yourself a cold one and learn.
Bayfield image collage
Little Village, Big Charm
Home to more than twenty eateries plus a weekly farmers’ market.
woman holding chicken
Meeting Place Organic Farm
Talking about food, farming and Huron County living with Katrina McQuail.
barn in brussels
Raising The Barn
Rebuilding a barn complete with a silo and windmill in the middle of a town is not an easy undertaking.
bird watching
Roadside Attractions
Enjoy the pastoral farming landscapes, towns and villages of rural Huron County
farmers market
Savour The Flavours Of Huron
If cooking isn’t part of the vacation plan, restaurants often feature the best foods the county has to offer.
hiking feature image
Take A Hike
Experience the great natural features and landscapes that Huron County has to offer.
bees on hand
The King of Queens
Bill Ferguson does the unthinkable: with his bare hand he reaches into a hive of 60,000 bees and kidnaps their leader.
tugboats in Goderich Harbour
The Port Of Goderich
Around 250 lake freighters and ocean-going vessels annually pass through the break walls and dock alongside the piers to be loaded with salt, grain and calcium chloride.
Baintons Old Mill
Village of Blyth
Explore the village of Blyth where agri meets culture.
From countryside to coastline, Huron County is proudly rural and ready to share it with you!


How to make the most of your Huron County adventure

✅ Book ahead

During the high season, reservations are often required for Huron County’s attractions and restaurants. Plan ahead to make sure you don’t miss out!

✅ Get off the beaten path 

Some of Huron County’s best attractions are off the beaten path. Don’t be afraid to venture into the countryside for a truly unique experience.

✅ Water shoes are recommended

Huron County’s beaches are maintained naturally to protect our delicate shoreline ecosystems. This means that in many places the water’s edge can be a little rocky. If you plan to swim, bring a pair of water shoes to make your experience more enjoyable.

✅ Bring a cooler or two

Huron County’s locally-grown food is fresh and delicious. Whether you’re coming for a day or  a week, make sure you’re prepared to bring the flavours of Huron County home with you.

✅ Meet the locals

We want to get to know you.  If you have a question, ask anyone you see! We will be happy help you make the most of your adventure here.

✅ Take photos and share them

There are many great sights to see in Huron County’s countryside and photos are not only welcome, but encouraged! You can share your images with us using hashtag #OntariosWestCoast.

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